10:12 Europe/Stockholm January 29, 2011

2011 Aussie MillionsWe're down to just three players left at the Aussie Millions main event, with David Gorr, Jeff Rossiter, and James Keys each trying to make poker history and walk away with millions of dollars.

Gorr is holding the chip lead at the moment but it's still a close race, with players sitting on decent stacks and no one shorter than 40 big blinds, so this one still might take quite awhile to decide a winner. Jeff Rossiter grabbed the chip lead a few hours back but Gorr grinded back into the top spot, with James Keys building up his stack a bit as well.

They're all guaranteed a huge payday but there's quite a difference between first ($2 million) and third place ($700,000) so there's still a lot on the line for each player.


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