03:59 Europe/Stockholm January 29, 2011

2011 Aussie MillionsWhile King_Dirk managed a cash in yesterday's 6 Max side event, it unfortunately was a min-cash of $3,600 and not the deep run he and the bwin Poker Blog were hoping for, as far as giving us a chance to bring you more great news from Melbourne.

But it's been an awesome trip all the way around, as we had five players cash in the Main Event (PACLA2108, cubraka, GoldAA, indrich, and ChipLider85) and five more cash in side events (King_Dirk, Piraeus, Sandm4n, Baldomer0, and 810clubs). That means 10 out of 18 bwin Team members will take home money, a pretty amazing showing all the way around!

The main action today in Crown Casino is the final table of the Aussie Millions main event, with one of the remaining eight players finishing the day $2 million richer than they began it. While the bwin Team members are enjoying their last few days in the city before the farewell dinner tomorrow at Nobu, your bwin Poker Blog team is hard at work here at the casino, bringing you regular updates from the final table action.

Just a few of the spectators in the crowded Studio 3 area watching the final table action.


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