10:34 Europe/Stockholm January 27, 2010

After four absorbing levels of play the 136 remaining players have just taken a well earned break to tuck into a bit of dinner. Austrian maestro Weniotto is the Ace in bwin deck, building his stack up to an incredible 340,000 to be amongst the top few chipstacks in the room. weniotto again got paid for his loose image, flopping a set of tens and getting paid on each street by an opponent clearly thinking he could catch weniotto out. weniotto had just bluffed a 40k pot a few hands earlier and showed the table his garbage holdings as he scooped up his chips.

weniotto has been getting paid so far today

I started with the good news, but now, unfortunately, it's time for the bad. Team veteran and Rigged in Riga champ Wieringen has busted, losing three big flips to exit the tournament with a bad taste in his mouth. The killer blow came when Wieringen was down to 30 BB's and he pushed with AxQx only to run into pocket tens and get no love on a 9x9x8x8x2x board. Tough break for our Dutch master, but let's hope he can come back with a big cash in the $2,200 Short Handed Event which kicks off on Saturday.

Wieringen will be back

The rest of the team just keeps chugging along as the field drops around them. You can check out the full counts here, test135 and Kirb18x two in particular who enjoyed strong levels. When play resumes the blinds will move to 1200/24000 with an ante of 300 and 136 players remain with an average stack of almost 110,000.

 Kirb18x and test135
Kirb18x and test135 tasted success during level 4


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