12:34 Europe/Stockholm January 28, 2010

weniotto has just moved tables and was greeted by a couple of familiar faces in the two seats to his left; team mate Kirb18x and 2007 Aussie Millions Champ Gus Hansen.

weniotto begun slowly on his new table, folding a few small pots to Hansen's re-raises, but he has just started to re-assert his dominance by taking down a big pot against Hansen with Pocket Kings.

With about 120k already in a 2-way pot, and the board showing 2♥6♣A♦A♥8♦, weniotto put out another 60k. Hansen went to the tank, muttering "I don't really like the 2nd best hand", but after a few minutes he called and Weniotto showed his Kings. Hansen shook his head, muttered some more and mucked his cards. I count that as bwin Team 1 - Gus Hansen 0!

Day 3
"Everybody needs good Neighbours"

weniotto is still just around 1.5 million, whilst Kirb18x is down a little to 830,000 and Hansen is hovering around the 400k mark. 27 players are still remaining and the ave. stack is 552,000.


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