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bwin Poker is now better than ever!

September 6th, 2013 by Daniel Willis

We love poker and we sure know you do. So that's why we're so happy to have released what can only be described as a major overhaul in our poker offering.

We’ve gone and created what some in the industry are calling a “revolutionary state-of-the-art product” and thrilled to know that thousands are already checking out this exciting new direction taken we’ve taken.

Check out these great new features!

First up check out our 1-Click Lobby which we know you’re going to love! We’ve added some great social interaction parts, and given you some serious challenges all via our Achievements & Missions sections! Here’s what we’ve released in phase one:

• 1-Click Lobby – Getting you to game quicker than ever!
Missions – Ready to be a poker hero?
Achievements – Show off your Badges of honour!
• Profile – Get connected
• Friends and Profile page – Get Connected
• Account / Rewards / Cashier – Improved cashier and player’s account experience.

So are you ready?

bwin Poker has changed and we want you to be a part of it! So start playing the brand new bwin poker today and who know’s where it might take you! Now go explore all our brand new features!

Become a champion on the felt. See the champions on the pitch!

August 8th, 2013 by Daniel Willis

Feel like seeing some of the most exciting football that Europe has to offer all wrapped up in a luxury experience that money can't buy? Then play on bwin and shoot for the best seats in the house – on the house.

Just win any of our weekly $5.50 Dream Seat Series Finals from 05.08. to 31.12.2013 and we'll sweeten the pot with two VIP tickets for an upcoming Real Madrid, FC Bayern München, Man Utd, Juventus or Marseille game!

All you need to do is simply pick the games that are most appealing to you from the schedule below and then focus on becoming a poker champion. Check out this fantastic promotion today!

Bet On The World Series Of Poker with bwin

June 6th, 2013 by Daniel Willis

Did you know that with bwin you can now bet on the World Series Of Poker. So even if you’re not going to play a single hand
of poker in Las Vegas this summer you could still end being the winner!

Poker Betting with bwin

We’ve got terrific odds check out Phil Hellmuth at 51.00 could he do it again nearly a quarter of a century later?
Personally if his recent performance is anything to go by this could be some easy money. Check it out now on bwin Poker Betting.

With bwin All Roads Lead To Old Trafford!

May 29th, 2013 by Daniel Willis

It's time to really kick off your live poker career with bwin! And you won't believe what we're giving away every-single-day here, that's right by playing some poker with us we're giving you the chance of a lifetime to meet Manchester United legends, tour the football grounds of Old Trafford, and get invited to some very exclusive parties, plus there's you could even end up becoming "man-of-the-match" at the live poker tables.

How's all that sound so far? Qualify and you'll get the chance to play for fortune and glory in our unique $365+35 live tournament to be held at Old Trafford! Plus we're giving all tournament fees to charity!

There are two packages up for grabs:

  • $1,575 Experience Prize Package
  • $365 Main Event buy-in
  • $35 charity donation
  • $550 for travel and spending money
  • 3-nights' hotel accommodation and hospitality (worth $625)
  • Merchandise
  • Activities such as a tour of Old Trafford and a party
  • Travel dates: 08.08. to 11.08.2013
  • $400 tournament seat
  • $365 Main Event buy-in
  • $35 charity donation

Your route to Old Trafford:

All you need to do is open your poker client, log in, find Old Trafford Home Game tournaments in the tournament lobby. Good Luck!

Poker Tips – Patience…

May 23rd, 2013 by Daniel Willis

Be patient....

In poker it's often said that one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of  players make is acting too quickly. So when you find your self in a situation when you need to make an important decision, relax, breath and press your own pause button.

Then think about how game and the betting has gone to this point and of course just what your opponent might have. In other words take your time, you see more often than not in poker it's a marathon not a sprint.

Head to Vegas with bwinPoker

May 21st, 2013 by Daniel Willis

Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas! It's about that time again when the great guys at the Rio start up the World Series of Poker machine.

Now in its 44th year it is with out doubt poker's biggest annual feast and the best part? the Main Event of course! With bwin you could be heading there as well!

Make sure you qualify with bwin!

We've got side and Main Event packages all up for grabs on bwin! Take down one of our finals and you'll be jetting off on to Vegas. We include flights, accommodation, and some spending money too, ohh and of course the tournament buy-in!

Take your first step on a poker journey of a lifetime with bwin today!


We’re Back! Bigger and Better!

December 18th, 2012 by Daniel Willis

We're back! and this time with a larger player pool, even bigger and better tournaments and some fantastic new technical features this is going to be our best system upgrade to date!

So whats new? Wow that's a big question, so here's a few highlights, first up FastForward Poker, where you Play fast and Think faster. You get to jump straight into a new hand every time you fold.

As well as that we now offer Late registration for tournaments, so if you missed the start of your tournament then it's no longer a problem!

And with our new custom avatars you can personalise your game by choosing and uploading your own avatar.

Make sure you head over here to see all software features.

We of course want to thank each everyone of you for being so patient whilst we perfomed this work but now you can rest assure that with all new features, as well as the new game offerings and of course the bigger tournaments this was worth the wait.

On Downtime Now: Get Ready For New Features and a Modern Design!

December 17th, 2012 by Daniel Willis

"What is bwin down?" we hear you say? Well not for long! No fear not! You see as many of you may have noticed there have been some changes to the tournament schedule on Sunday the 16th of December.

What's that all about right? Well you see in preparation for a system upgrade we needed remove tournaments that have the potential to be effected.

Now of course we sincerely apologize for any and all the inconvenience this may cause you all but you can rest assure you that the fantastic new features, all the new games and of course the bigger tournaments which are coming your way are all so much worth the wait.

Trust us this is going to be legendary.

WSOP Day 6: Jordi Martinez is running well

July 16th, 2012 by Daniel Willis
Level 27 News: Jordi Martinez - 1,900,000 chips (63 players remain)

We've got less than 70 players left here at the WSOP Main Event. Remember now we started with an amazing 6,598 runners. What's even better is that the fact that bwin Team Pro Jordi Martinez who is playing in his third WSOP Main Event is currently enjoying his first ever WSOP cash in the most prestigious tournament in the world.


So whats going through his head?

I'm so nervous, we are really close to something really big. I try to be focused at the table, but what can I do with my stack? Who can I put pressure on? If I don't concentrate about the table I will start to think about the money…

So you're not thinking about that $8.5 million?

I have to focus on what is in front of me and make the optimum decisions…I'm not just thinking about the money.

Jordi has $128,384 in the bank already. The biggest pay day he has ever received. The next pay jump increases that amount by $30,000 so is he aware of the incremental pay leaps?

I am mindful with that because it is important not just for me, but also to understand when I can attack somebody.

So what would he do if got that $8.5 million in his bank account?

If I did win $8.5 million I'd spend the money travelling the world with my girlfriend and buying a home.

Who has Martinez been in constant touch with back home during his amazing run?

My father, brothers and my girlfriend, but they have to stay awake all not because of the time difference so they are more tired than me!

What is one piece of advice you would give?

Play your own style. Understand that you can be very patient here.

Level 26 News

Jordi Martinez Loses a Big Flip
Jordi Alonso has been reduced to 1,720,000 as we have a short interval in play. Amit Zulkowitz is the player who has most of Alonso's chips after the pair flipped for 2,500,000. Zulkowitz held 9♠ 9♦ and Alonso held A♥ J♥ . The board ran out 6h 6♣ 6♠ 9♣ 8♦ , Zulkowitz moved up to 2,300,000 as did Alonso (Alonso was later grounded down to 1,720,000).

Level 25 News

Jordi Martinez Up To 3,550,000 Chips


Manos Foudoulakis Out!


Our Greek qualifier Manos Foudoulakis is out of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. He started in 21st place, but he left crushed, and is currently being consoled by his girlfriend. The end came for Foudoulakis like this:

A.J. Jejelowo raised to 90k in early position and Foudoulakis made the call as well as Jamie Robbins in the small blind. It was a three way flop of 9♣ 7♠ 4♠ with the action checked to Foudoulakis who bet 125k. Robbins folds, Jejelowo check-raises to 375k and Foudoulakis called. Turn shows a Q♦ and Jejelowo goes all-in for just under 2 million with Foudoulakis calling. It was K♣ Q♣ for the Grecian and T♣ 8♣ for Jejelowo. Foudoulakis looked good to double up until J♦ showed its face on the river giving Jejelowo a helping hand with a straight taking Foudoulakis down to 230k.

Just after this we saw Foudoulakis going all-in holding A♣ J♠ and Eric Legoff called holding A♠ 8♠. However K♠ T♠ 4♠ flop handed Legoff the nuts and Foudoulakis was out two cards later J♣ & 9♠


We have two players in that field of 97 : bwin team pro - and their Spanish Champion - Jordi Martinez and the bwin qualifier from Greece, Manos Foudoulakis.

Manos Foudoulakis starts the day in the final seat of the feature table and he shares it with one of the best players left in the competition: Vanessa Selbst. Selbst and Foudoulakis are like chalk and cheese with Selbst winning two WSOP bracelets, a Partouche title and back to back North American Poker Tour (NAPT) titles whilst accruing over $5 million in live tournament earnings. Foudoulakis is a pharmacist and basketball coach who is currently experiencing his one and only cash of his lifetime.

The Foudoulakis Table

1 | Robert Corcione | 3,750,000
2 | David Balkin | 1,295,000
3 | Lasell King | 1,740,000
4 | Vanessa Selbst | 1,165,000
5 | Alfred Firova | 995,000
6 | Max Ovseyevitz | 755,000
7 | Scott Anderson | 1,485,000
8 | Jesse Sylvia | 2,990,000
9 | Manos Foudoulakis | 3,020,000

Here is the table draw that Martinez starts on.


Jordi Martinez Table
1 | Alben Juen | 2,376,000
2 | Gwennael Grandmougin | 1,055,000
3 | Jordi Martinez | 2,700,000
4 | Fabio Sousa | 805,000
5 | Amit Zulkowitz | 1,520,000
6 | Mazin Khoury | 1,885,000
7 | Dung Nguyen | 1,880,000
8 | Jonathan Schoder | 470,000
9 | Percy Mahatan | 2,400,000

Tour De Poker

July 14th, 2012 by Daniel Willis
Think you can you go the distance? Then prove it! Go On! It's time you put the pedal to the metal and check out our newest promotion Tour De Poker taking place only on bwin poker right now!

So hop on, play some great poker, switch gears when your opponent least expects and outrun the rest to the finish line faster than Lance Armstrong and you too could be winning your share of our huge prize pool! With the action starting nightly at 21:00 it's time to play for real!


So join us for the ride of your life. The Polkadot Leaderboard is for those who dare to take risks, like you right? And to track this, we're going to count every single player that you'll eliminate during our fantastic Tour de Poker tournaments. Most eliminations win!

The Polkadot standings will be updated regularly right here on bwin Pokerblog:

1 -PPL- 50 12
2 sitivlist 48 11
3 x etavla 41 12
4 dilelen 39 9
5 ha-sn 38 10
6 raise_a_rama 36 10
7 buk501 34 13
8 Blotchy1985 33 7
9 MIMIozo 33 7
10 dfcb8504 32 8
11 PBG7890 32 10
12 Kruecke1003 31 8
13 1FcChelsea 31 10
14 certica 30 8
15 PLWashy 30 15
16 cessy12 30 9
17 pb66 30 9
18 osnovnoi 29 7
19 voda88 29 10
20 jormout 28 8
21 jyc_ 28 6
22 poteto rey 28 9
23 DonJohnson69 27 11
24 lentiti 27 13
25 gebets2 27 7
26 achiM_P 26 13
27 morskoy 26 10
28 gabipereira 25 7
29 Suspensor51 25 7
30 Drion_x 24 10
31 witekmac 24 14
32 glenn15328 24 9
33 Centi17 24 7
34 matimangga 23 12
35 weidi11 23 6
36 yoshin77 22 9
37 fsgs 22 1
38 Polatko 22 10
39 Zockerzille 22 8
40 logan344 22 5
41 cmelikface 21 6
42 LMermaid8888 21 8
43 norbi571 21 9
44 naddyusha 21 7
45 Roman13L 20 10
46 jani8903 20 7
47 Splater97 20 7
48 karika75 19 8
49 Profko 19 7
50 Strepta 18 6
51 ManoDeDios_x 18 7
52 Kokkatro1986 18 4
53 IvanaF2 18 5
54 sebosalva 18 8
55 schweizer101 17 1
56 DuobleW 17 8
57 flowerpowe86 16 4
58 alidzi1 16 4
59 kubus08 16 8
60 bonaparte5 16 7
61 petzi38 16 10
62 martin24d 15 7
63 _4fun 15 6
64 Don Geilo 77 15 7
65 -Carter 15 7
66 mhtsaras7 15 1
67 lexotallinn 15 4
68 Kouba2 15 6
69 Tofasi 15 6
70 Balachuk 14 1
71 Fuchsloch 14 9
72 PityouP 14 1
73 bartasbydg1 14 4
74 Rosenbraut 14 7
75 Siggi27 14 8
76 fjmpP 14 6
77 jouijo 13 8
78 Ecki1985 13 5
79 -macur- 13 6
81 Szachista007 13 3
82 plavookika 12 6
83 nisjuur 12 2
84 McDabr 12 4
85 florinbfa 12 5
86 maronko 12 4
87 GT699 12 4
88 jaras74 12 4
89 cocilight 11 4
90 x apy123 11 4
91 macbug 11 5
92 886886 11 1
93 Ribeiro88 11 4
94 PokerAlho6 11 4
95 lutzifer245 11 1
96 horking1 11 2
97 bremischTNT 11 7
98 kstojan7 11 1
99 maiconice1 11 2
100 kuximaxi82 11 2

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