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The bwin Poker Clock for your Home Game

September 23rd, 2010 by Daniel 'Batman' Batliner
So you're playing a home game right?

And of course you've got the usual problem. Who's watching the clock? How long should those blind levels be? And of course don't forget to restart that dusty old alarm clock you're using after each level!

Just forget about it. Take it easy and start using the bwin Poker Clock for the iPhone (and iPod Touch).

Simplicity is its major feature with four preset blind structures (Mad Tilt, Turbo, Normal and Deep). And should you prefer some fancy homemade structures that will amaze all your guests that's possible too just feed the bwin Poker Clock with all the data and off you go!

You can find the bwin Poker Clock on iTunes … for free!

bwin Poker Clock
The bwin Poker Clock on an iPod Touch

By the way we also have a bwin Poker Clock for your mobile phone.

Check out the promo page.

bwin Team Through the First Break of Event #56

July 3rd, 2010 by Daniel 'Batman' Batliner

The bwin Team members in action in Event #56 are all safely through the first break, with some finding more success than others in the early going.

kiwikc got off to a great start through the first two levels and is sitting on about 16,000 chips at the first break. ChipLieder85 and Chipkicker67 both encountered a little turbulence, sitting on 3,350 and 2,575 chips respectively, but it's still very much early going and blinds are still just 75/150.

A total of 1,945 players turned out for Event #56, which is a very nice turnout and should generate some big payouts for those players able to bet and raise their way to a deep finish.

Chipkicker67 was all smiles despite getting off to a slow start in Event #56

More Head Hunter Excitement on March 6th

March 3rd, 2010 by Daniel 'Batman' Batliner
7 more players are slated to do battle at the bwin poker tables on March 6th at 20:00 CET, as the following players have qualified to compete in the Head Hunter finals which features $9,390 in prizes (including a $8,000 trip package to the Irish Open):


As far as how they got there (and how you can qualify in future events), each running of the new Bounty Hunter tournament on bwin not only sends winners directly to the Irish Open with a $8,000 trip package in hand, but it also offers a nice consolation prize to players who claim the most bounties for knocking out other players.

Excluding the winner of the Bounty Hunter (who gets a $8,000 trip package for the win), the qualifiers in the Head Hunter finals are those players with the most knockouts in the Bounty Hunter. bondjamebond was the winner of the most recent running of the Bounty Hunter, claiming his $8,000 trip package. The qualifiers for the Head Hunter finals, then, are the 7 players in the Bounty Hunter who had the most knockouts (excluding the winner). Below are the knockout totals for the qualifiers for the March 6th Head Hunter finals:

Diethelm007 - 16 KOs
gio8325 - 11 KOs
loupoulou80 - 11 KOs
JonnyRocker_ - 9 KOs
kouaki - 8 KOs
Mr13Mike - 8 KOs

The Fever In Riga Ends

October 18th, 2009 by Daniel 'Batman' Batliner
Rigged in Riga has been a great success for the bwin team, and the numbers say it all. There was 5 in-the-money finishes, and our congratulations go out to eferoni1 (15th), ubiycaboli (13th), MARTINE62 (12th) and test135 (11th) for taking 1,141 Lats (€1,600) home with them. A special over the top congratulations though to Rigged in Riga winner, Wieringen. Not only did the Dutchman take down the 1st place prize of 20,541 Lats (€29,000), but he did it in emphatic style. Busting out the last 3 players in the space of 4 hands is an utterly astonishing acheivement, and having delved deep into my memory tank, I can't think of another tournament where this has happened. Perhaps a phonecall to Guinness is needed to find out if this is somekind of new world record?

Wieringen celebrates his Rigged in Riga win

Wieringen celebrates his Rigged in Riga win!

I can only repeat the words of fellow bwin blog supremo, Seth Shafer "Well done, Wieringen!".A fantastic tournament with a fantastic result, and from what I witnessed in the aftermath of the finale table...a fantastic night rounded Rigged in Riga off!

The bwin Team on the ESPN WSOP-coverage

September 8th, 2009 by Daniel 'Batman' Batliner
ESPN is finally showing episodes about the WSOP 2009. As expected, the bwin Team is featured right away, most notably in a hand wit ha 3-way-Allin. Thanks to YouTube we can show you the action, which includes poker pro Jeffrey Lisandro.

bwin Team player Stefano del Beato gets his chips in with the best hand, his set is way ahead of his opponents. Jeffrey Lisandro is the only one with outs. Two of them ... at least thats what it looked like after the flop. Very unlucky for Del Beate (and his name actually means 'the blessed one').
Enough words, have a look yourself. The action starts at 9:20.

Unfortunately the clip ends right before the river. Just go on and watch the next clip.

But it gets even better. I'm sure everyone noticed that the bwin Team is prominently featured in every WSOP episode. And not just once. The WSOP visual (which can be seen a couple of times) shows -Rex Cramer-, talking to yours truly.
I captured a screenshot, but I'm pretty sure you already saw it yourself.
(as this was made for the German blog: Ich = me)

-Rex Cramer- and myself at the WSOP

-Rex Cramer- and myself at the WSOP

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