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The bwin Team Cashes on Two Continents Simultaneously!

00:12 Europe/Stockholm February 4, 2011

High RollerWhile the bulk of the bwin Team was living it up in Melbourne for the Aussie Millions (and playing it up, with five bwin Team members cashing in the Main Event), other bwin Team members took to the tables at Deauville as part of our French bwin Team contingent.

With crack blogger Sam "NoHUforMe" Clamote on hand to bring you all the action at, the French bwin Team was led by Barack, who played his way to a 68th place finish worth €14,000!

It's no easy feat to send players simultaneously to two different continents to play poker but not only did the bwin Team pull it off, they managed to cash in both events!

Congratulations to bwin Team member Barack for his €14,000 cash in Deauville!

Go From Zero to Hero in the FSOP!

23:42 Europe/Stockholm February 3, 2011

High RollerYou've heard of the GSOP -- the online tournament series that's about to kick off for its 6th edition and handing out millions of dollars in guaranteed dollars -- but have you heard of the FSOP?

Probably not, as it's another brand new exciting promotion from bwin Poker, which gives you a shot at playing in the upcoming GSOP 6 tournaments, but for the low, low price of FREE!

The FreeSOP (or FSOP) is a series of 15 freerolls in a variety of different formats that run daily from February 6th-February 20th; each freeroll event is the same structure as the corresponding GSOP event, with GSOP 6 and GSOP 6 Mini tickets awarded to top finishers.

For example, FSOP Event #1 is a NLHE deepstack format (just like GSOP 6 Event #1 and GSOP 6 Mini Event #1), with FSOP #1 paying out the following tickets to the top 55 finishers:

1st: GSOP 6 #1 ticket plus entry to FSOP Grand Slam Final
2nd-5th: GSOP 6 #1 ticket
6th-55th: GSOP 6 Mini #1 ticket

The FSOP Grand Slam Final wraps up the FSOP series, and is open to winners of FSOP events as well as those who play their way in via the FSOP leaderboard. The FSOP Grand Slam Finals will award more than $6,000 in GSOP and GSOP Mini tickets, so it definitely pays to play each of the daily FSOP to try to win that valuable ticket to the Grand Slam Final!

It couldn't be easier (or cheaper) to take part in the FSOP fun, and if you play your cards right you might just end up with GSOP 6 tickets that could literally turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars!

To take part in the FSOP:
1. Log in to bwin Poker using your user ID.
2. Select “Tournaments” at the top of the lobby.
3. Select the FSOP tournament you wish to take part in and click “Go to tournament”.
4. Finally, click “Register” and wait for the tourney to begin!

Building a Bankroll with Freerolls

22:53 Europe/Stockholm February 1, 2011

Plenty of successful online players got their start without ever depositing a penny, instead using freerolls to get their poker bankrolls started.

While it's not the easiest route (and you'll miss out on some great poker signup bonuses) to go, it's definitely possible to get your poker career rolling just from playing freerolls, espcially if you're patient and play your cards right.

The best tip for building a bankroll with freerolls is to, you know, win them, but below you'l find a few more practical tips to help you get the most out of freerolls.

1) Keep your eyes open. When it comes to building a bankroll from freerolls, the more the merrier, as your first goal is to find as many freerolls as possible.

Be sure to check the bwin Poker Blog for news on freerolls and get in the habit of checking the lobby regularly. Freerolls draw huge fields so the odds are stacked against you as far as cashing; this means you'll need to play a lot of them to realistically expect to make the money.

2) Don't change your game. Avoid the temptation to treat freerolls like a crapshoot and play too loosely, especially in the early going.

Many players just shove with any two cards trying to build a huge stack early; while not the worst strategy in the world, you're better off sticking to your game and playing smart poker.

Make the most of each freeroll you enter and treat them like what they are: a valuable opportunity to start growing your bankroll.

3) Be prepared. Know what you're getting into and make sure you'll have the time to play the freeroll out to the finish.

This is the biggest mistake many freeroll players make, as they'll play for hours and hours and build a nice stack but suddenly realize they won't have the time to finish. Don't spend hours putting yourself in a great position to win just to find you don't have time to get to the finish line.

Keep an eye on daily freerolls to see how long they take to finish and you'll have a good idea of what to expect. If you don't have the time to get to the final table, it's usually not even worth playing, as the real money typically goes to the top two or three spots.

This article is part of the Poker Tips series that the writers at the bwin Poker Blog are adding to help beginning, intermediate, and advanced players get the most out of playing online poker at bwin.

Balancing Your Range in Poker

21:44 Europe/Stockholm February 1, 2011

While some poker players use the excuse of "But I was just balancing my range" when they go nuts for no reason and 5-bet shove with 57o, there's a lot to be said for the general concept, especially for advanced players.

Put simply, "balancing your range" just means not playing predictably at the tables, making the same actions with a range of hands. If you only limp from early position with small pocket pairs or 4-bet with pocket aces, savvy opponents will pick up on this, and you'll basically be playing many of your hands face-up.

If you make the same action (such as a 4-bet) with a slightly larger range of hands that includes pocket aces, pocket kings, pocket queens, and QJs, your opponent is left guessing what you might actually hold. The same is true if you occasionally limp from early position with pocket aces and pocket kings, along with all your small pocket pairs.

The tricky thing about balancing your range is it's very easy to recommend but a bit harder to actually put into practice. Telling someone to "be unpredictable" is simple; it's much harder to give specific ways to do that.

Let's look at a few of the common ways that players balancing their ranges in poker and add some unpredictability to their game:

1) Expand your check-raising range. This is probably the best area to focus on if you're looking to open up your range, as it not only adds unpredictability but also aggression -- a pretty potent combination.

If you just check-raise your monster hands, you make life much easier on your opponent. Start check-raising your flush draws and open-ended straight draws as well and suddenly you're much harder to read.

In many cases your semi-bluffs are going to be enough to take down the pot right there (with aggression paying off once again) and in others you'll hit your draw. Not only do you win those pots but you also set up your legitimate monster hands to get paid as well, as opponents will remember when you check-raised as a semi-bluff and call you down when you flop a monster.

2) Calling hands are also good raising hands in position. If you're getting odds to call in position with hands like 87s or small and mid pocket pairs, mix in some 3-bets along with some calls.

It's easy to go too far with this one (as suddenly any hand looks like a great 3-bet spot from the button) but it can both be a great tool to balance your range as well as a powerful move in and of itself, picking up a lot of pots without ever seeing a flop.

Even if you get a caller you're in position and a continuation bet will often take down the pot on the flop.

3) Calling with your big hands. This is the flip side of #2, but don't automatically raise when you're in position or in the blinds and look down to find pocket aces or pocket kings pre-flop.

If you're dealing with an aggressive button you'll need to open up your own range to avoid getting run over in the blinds, but that doesn't necessarily mean your only option is to pump a big raise in.

If you expand your calling range you'll need to mix in some legitimate big hands as well that you just call with, otherwise you'll be giving away far too much information and the type of hand you have.

This article is part of the Poker Tips series that the writers at the bwin Poker Blog are adding to help beginning, intermediate, and advanced players get the most out of playing online poker at bwin.

Tips for Dealing with a Poker Downswing

20:38 Europe/Stockholm February 1, 2011

poker tracking softwareIf you play poker long enough, sooner or later you're going to hit an unlucky stretch that no matter what you do and how well you play, you seem to lose. All of your big starting hands go down in flames and you can't seem to hit any of your big draws when you need to.

Poker is definitely a game of skill over the long run but the short run can be a very different story, with even the best players having downwings (periods where they lose money) that can last for days, weeks, or even months.

Play the game long enough and you'll experience plenty of downswings; the real test is how you react, as that's often what separates the winners from the losers. Below you'll find some tips to help get you through your next poker downswing:

1) Take a break. It's very easy to get frustrated when you're in the middle of a downswing and start playing poorly, pushing too hard with hands you might otherwise let go when playing well.

You start assuming the worst and playing like a dead man walking -- and that's usually exactly what you are. Just walk away and take a break; take a walk outside or hang out with friends. Poker will always be there. Wait until you're in a better mood to sit down and play.

2) Take a step back. If the losses are piling up to the point they're painful, it's time to move down in the limits that you play. Avoid at all costs the temptation to move up in limits in an attempt to chase your losses and get them all back.

It's frustrating to move down in limits and it may seem like you're suddenly playing for peanuts but that's exactly what you should be doing until you get your confidence back. Take your medicine, get your head right, and you'll be back at you normal limits in no time.

3) Take stock of your situation. No one likes to lose money, especially when it's just variance and bad luck rearing its head. But if you win $1,000 every month playing poker until December, when you lose $2000, you're still showing a profit of $9,000 for the year. That's not so terrible.

Don't just focus on the recent losss but keep the overall picture in mind. If you've been a big winner for years but have a few losing months, odds are you're just going through a rough patch of bad luck. Don't magnify the occasional loss into a huge disaster or anything more than it really is: just good old-fashioned bad luck.

This article is part of the Poker Tips series that the writers at the bwin Poker Blog are adding to help beginning, intermediate, and advanced players get the most out of playing online poker at bwin

GSOP Live Bucharest: CANCELLED

19:39 Europe/Stockholm January 27, 2011

A sudden change in Romanian legislation has meant that players would be at risk of breaking local laws if they took part in the event. The organisers have taken the decision to cancel the event to avoid putting players at unnecessary risk. We will be contacting all affected players directly in the morning with more information. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

2011 WSOP Schedule Released

01:04 Europe/Stockholm January 25, 2011

wsop scheduleThe bwin Team always arrives in full force in Vegas for the WSOP each year, and the full schedule for the 2011 WSOP has just been released by Harrahs. The Main Event dates were previously announced but now the entire schedule of more than 50 preliminary events has also been announced.

There aren't a lot of changes from previous years but a new $25,000 buy-in NLHE heads-up tournament has been added, and plenty of $1,000 buy-in events will be back on the schedule again after their popular debut last year.

All the preliminary action leads up to the Main Event, which runs from July 7th to July 19th, with four starting days scheduled. Once again there will be a delay once the final table is reached, with the action resuming in November 2011 when the 2011 Main Event champion will be crowned.

Real Money Poker on Your iPhone at Last!

14:19 Europe/Stockholm January 21, 2011

Do you own an iPhone? Well love or hate it we’re not going to discuss that here folks. But what we are going to talk about is a world first; yes that's right, real money poker on the iPhone is finally available!

Now you can use your iPhone for much more than reading the latest bwin Poker Blog updates. Just head on over to the iTunes store and download and install the bwin Poker app today. You can choose to play for real or play money and believe us you’ll find our app both good-looking and extremely user friendly.

But so what? How about the poker! It's great! Currently the app is only available only for cash game tables, but it does features the famous quick seat mode of bwin Poker.

Selecting the game mode (No Limit, Pot Limit, Limit), your limits (from micro-limits up to $3/6 NL Holdem) and the table size, is a piece of cake, then you just leave the rest up to the mighty app to sort out.

Of course we could continue to write about a whole variety of functions and ease of use you’ll find with in it, but we’d much prefer it if you gave it a go yourself, so go on head on over to the iTunes Store and search for " poker" you can’t go wrong. Here’s some screenshots of the poker application in action.

The opening screen


Time to play for real!

Please note the Poker bwin app is currently only available for customers in the UK and Austria.

The Week Ahead at bwin Poker

16:44 Europe/Stockholm January 16, 2011

It promises to be another busy week at bwin Poker, starting with the ChampionChip on Sunday, January 16th. wekku1 took home the victory in last week's ChampionChip (along with a hefty payday of $39,995).

On Monday we'll see what loyal blog reader gets a free $3,000 GSOP Live Bucharest package to join the bwin Team, with the 11 finalists from our bwin poker Blog 3rd Stop promotion taking to the tables on Monday with the trip package hanging in the balance.

The High Roller will give yet another player's bankroll a big boost,  while the Super Secret Freeroll and new Facebook Fridays series give players with smaller bankrolls just as much excitement and fun at the tables.

You'll also get your first taste of live updates of the action and fun from the 2011 Aussie Millions, with the bwin Team and bwin Poker Blog arriving in Melbourne for what promises to be another amazing live event.

Below are some of the highlights as far as bwin Poker tournaments and promotions in the coming week:

Tournament Date and Time (CET) Buy-in
ChampionChip 16 Jan. 2011, 11:00 $200
Lowrider Daily, 13:00 $0.11
Super Secret Freeroll 17 Jan. 2011, 12:00 Free
High Roller 18 Jan. 2011, 13:30 $525
Facebook Fridays 21 Jan. 2011, 13:00 $3.20

The bwin Poker Weekly Recap: January 8th-15th

15:51 Europe/Stockholm January 15, 2011

Last week was a busy one at bwin poker, with one promotion winding down to its exciting conclusion as others just started heating up.

The finalists have been determined for the bwin poker Blog 3rd Stop contest, with eleven players returning on January 17th in a private tourney to see which one claims the free $3,000 GSOP Live trip package. For some it'd be their first time with the Team while for others (including AKplus1, n74er----, and KickerKeni) it'd be a return to the bwin Team for another amazing live event experience.

The Lowrider tournament, continues to run each day in January, which gives players a chance to add a big boost to their bankrolls with a miniscule buy-in of $.10 + .01 and $1,000 extra added daily to the prizepool by bwin.

More big hands and monster pots were claimed in the Big Play of the Week competition, where simply voting on your favorite hand can add a $22 tournament ticket to your account. Facebook Fridays also made its return for a brand new January competition, with free bwin football jerseys up for grabs.

The bwin Team roster for the 2011 Aussie Millions was unveiled, with the Team and bwin Poker Blog arriving on January 20th, so stay tuned in coming weeks for all the action from Melbourne including chip counts, photos, podcasts, and much more.

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