07:43 Europe/Stockholm November 15, 2011

championchipThe ChampionChip continues to go from strength to strength in recent months, drawing bigger and bigger fields like many other bwin poker tournaments including the High Roller.

Last Sunday's running of the ChampionChip cracked the 1,400 mark with 1,421 runners eventually finding their way to their seats, each hoping to finish the tournament with a massive infusion of cash to their poker bankroll.

The $200 buy-in might seem out of reach for some players but numerous satellites and qualifiers give bwin players the chance to compete in the ChampionChip for just a few dollars, offering the chance to parlay a buck or two into a potential payday of over $40,000.

BBSpecial27 would emerge the winner on Sunday and take down $41,478, with IllFightUm8 coming runner-up ($28,266) and moffo46 finishing third ($20,552).

Below are the top ten finishers along with their winnings in the last edition of the ChampionChip:

1. BBSpecial27 - $41,478
2. IllFightUm8 - $28,366
3. moffo46 - $20,552
4. meteze - $15,173
5. thierry555 - $11,186
6. MORRISWEED - $8,269
7. hetfield z - $6,677
8. DingDonk87 - $5,175
9. 15A18M - $4,014
10. ditaker61 - $3,158


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