19:10 Europe/Stockholm June 13, 2012

championchipThe ChampionChip is the highlight of the poker week for many bwin players, with a massive prizepool and payday for the top finishers giving poker fans something to dream about during the week before taking their seats on Sunday.

Over 1,000 runners would sit down on Sunday, each dreaming of being the next ChampionChip winner, with those dreams inevitable dashed for all but one player who'd be sitting atop the heap when the last hand was dealt.

That player would ultimately prove to be engels9, who'd outlast a big field to claim $32,463 when he defeated JJATMA in heads-up play ($22,554).

Below are the top ten finishers in the last running of the ChampionChip:

1st engels9 - $ 32,463
2nd JJATMA - $ 22,554
3rd PBurress - $ 16,146
4th murphy1916 - $ 11,960
5th RiDD_BG - $ 8,842
6th StevoL - $ ​​6,561
7th PluppEsoet - $ 5,297
8th Gamer_82 - $ 4,135
9th 1mn00b - $ 3,221
10th ITS_SKILL - $ ​​2,529


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