10:39 Europe/Stockholm November 29, 2011

championchipThe ChampionChip continues to provide an enormous payday each and every Sunday for one lucky player, with fields of 1,300+ translating into a top prize of over $40,000!

Last Sunday it'd be 1,312 players jostling for the top prizes, but with a very long day of poker ahead of them if they wanted to reach the final table with a shot at the top prize.

Two of those final table finishers would fall short of the biggest prize but notch yet another impressive result; Puggy82 (who in the last few weeks has won a $3,600 GSOP Live Prague trip as well as well as a 2nd in the High Roller for $12,705) would finish 9th for $3,850, while -Benwa1 would finish 8th for $4,942 to go along with a win in the $15,000 NLHE Turbo Six Max ($3,866) and a High Roller victory ($18,421).

slivovica would prevail to take down the victory on Sunday and $39,214 in cash, with TheGrinders8 coming runner-up for $26,755.

Below are the top ten finishers along with their winnings in the last edition of the ChampionChip:

1. slivovica - $39,214
2. TheGrinders8 - $26,755
3. HeatMolding - $19,403
4. geirto_ - $14,297
5. -DimaDima13- - $10,569
6. darkblakplyr - $7,843
7. MJ23stylez88 - $6,331
8. -Benwa1 - $4,943
9. Puggy82 - $3,850
10. icenigel - $3,023


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