16:15 Europe/Stockholm May 3, 2010

bwin's flagship tourney the ChampionChip drew another big field last Sunday, with 1,421 runners taking their seats to start the action. The prize they all had their sights set on? 1st place and just over $41,000 in prize money, waiting for the player who was skilled and lucky to jab and feint their way through a huge field of determined bwin Poker players.

Once the final table was set after a long day of poker the action really began to heat up, with the top prize in sight. When it was all over it was thai-boxing who took the crown of ChampionChip winner, collecting $41,478 for his efforts. Lazyboy_81 had to settle for a runner-up finish that paid out $28,365, with asticot78 rounding out the top three and taking home $20,551.

Below are the top ten finishers in last week's ChampionChip:

thai-boxing - $41,478
Lazyboy_81 - $28,365
asticot78 - $20,551
-KAPTEN std- - $11,185
stareblankly - $8,268
MSCHILI - $6,676
jimmy19810 - $5,175
Linbeo - $4,014
Dixit - $3,157


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