20:39 Europe/Stockholm September 14, 2011

championchipSunday's ChampionChip always draw's the best and the brightest of the online poker world, with a $30K+ payday guaranteed to the winner in what is bwin poekr's biggest weekly event.

Players have to not only be on top of their game but benefit from an equal measure of good fate, as wading through a field of over 1,000 players in any tournament takes more than just poker savvy, with endurance playing a key role as well if you want to still be in the hunt at the final table.

TicTacAddict proved to have all of the above in abundance last Sunday, powering to a ChampionChip victory worth $32,463, with isnech81 settling for a runner-up prize of $22,554.

Below are the top ten finishers from the last edition of the ChampionChip, along with their winnings:

1. TicTacAddict - $32,463
2. isnech81 - $22,554
3. JollyRodger5 - $16,146
4. BetIsmo - $11,960
5. Geleder - $8,842
6. kukkamies1 - $6,561
7. Flip-fish - $5,297
8. Curs3y09 - $4,135
9. cooltwister1 - $3,221
10. Perdoli - $2,529


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