10:52 Europe/Stockholm January 23, 2012

championchipSunday's ChampionChip tournament is one of the headline events at bwin Poker each and every week, with a slow, deep structure and a huge prizepool giving players the chance to put their poker skills to the test.

Just over 1,300 players took their seat on Sunday, each with dreams of finishing the tournament in the top position and adding nearly $40,000 to their poker bankroll -- a staggering sum for just playing online poker and clicking mouse buttons on a Sunday night!

Plenty of familiar names with big online wins to their credit made the final table but it'd be tom150a who'd take down the top prize of $39,124, with Veganlion coming second ($26,755) and JarethGK in third ($19,403).

Below are the top ten finishers in the last running of the ChampionChip:

1. tom150a - $39,214
2. Veganlion - $26,755
3. JarethtGK - $19,403
4. mpookis - $14,297
5. RA1nOv3rM3 - $10,569
6. Owuor Arunga - $7,843
7. AALH77 - $6,331
8. TwistedFate- - $4,943
9. grifsdik - $3,850
10. BBSpecial27 - $3,023

2012 ChampionChip Winners

02-05-20121319U R Donkey$39,310


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