03:16 Europe/Stockholm May 11, 2011

Facebook FridaysOur Facebook Fridays competition is back for another round in May, and now's a perfect time to give it a whirl, with just one event held so far.

The $3.30 Facebook Fridays tournaments run each Friday at 20:00 CET, with the password for each event available at the bwin Poker Facebook page. To get the password, "Like" the page, then click the "Facebook Fridays" tab at the left of the page.

Players compete for cash in each tournament, just like normal, but they're also trying to win valuable leaderboard points, which are added up at the end of the month to see who gets the free bwin Real Madrid jersey (valued at EUR 80)!

Sa24mi02 jumped out into the lead with the first Facebook Fridays event in May, collecting some nice cash as well when e defeated Ruhmi in heads-up play, with cassandrina1 rounding out the top three.


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