15:31 Europe/Stockholm September 23, 2010

GSOP #4 would feature a nice change of pace, getting away from NLHE to offer players a Omaha Hi/Lo pot limit tournament, with unlimited rebuys. Just like the WSOP, the GSOP offers up tournaments in a wide range of formats, giving well-rounded bwin poker players a chance to shine in No Limit Hold'em, Limit Hold'em, and Omaha alike.

The change in format didn't affect turnout at all, as both events yesterday easily eclipsed their guarantees:

GSOP #4: 320 players, $45,150 prizepool
GSOP Mini #4: 418 players, $6,510 prizpool

GSOP #4 saw Ishatbricks take control in the late going and never waver, despite facing a tough final table that included top online pro men at work (who'd finish 4th):

1. Ishatbricks - $8,576 + a $5,000 Grand Slam Finals entry
2. MondSpieler - $5,915
3. MaryVecks - $4,225
4. men at work - $3,130
5. AceFace9 - $2,318

In GSOP Mini #4, it was abiss0 who rallied from one of the short stacks at the final table to take down the victory, claiming a wad of cash as well as an entry to the $525 Mini Grand Slam Finals on October 10th:

1. abiss0 - $1,215 + $525 Mini Grand Slam Finals entry
2. gtdaveab - $838
3. 11BRS11 - $599
4. .DHOMINI. - $444
5. ducatistaa - $329

Action today in GSOP #5 switches back to NLHE, with the format being NLHE shorthanded, with unlimited rebuys.


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