08:05 Europe/Stockholm August 1, 2012

gsop live maltaGSOP Live Malta is shaping up to kick off the third season of the GSOP Live series in style, with tons of players qualifying each week online at bwin for an amazing trip in September.

Online finals running every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday also provide a more standard way of getting there, with many different satellites to the $320 finals.

Sunday's online finals have been drawing a big crowd, with the last few guaranteeing that the top eight finishers will all finish the night with a trip package in hand, as was the case last Sunday too.

Congratulations to the following players who secured their $3,000 GSOP Live Malta trip packages in the latest online finals:

1. Spatze-GER
2. harwell2
3. RiseAsleep
5. master toke
6. E-Company506
7. tagf1sh
8. Lerppa81


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