12:39 Europe/Stockholm September 23, 2011

gsop liveWe're nearing the end of the line for qualifying for GSOP Live Greece, with tons of players already successful in grabbing a $3,600 trip package for what promises to be an amazing event.

It has by far been the most popular online finals run on bwin poker, with the Sunday online finals sometimes awarding ten or more trip packages, with the overall odds about 1 in 12 of booking a spot at the resort in Porto Carras where the tournament will be held.

Last Sunday was another great chance for players to book their spot with the Team, with seven total $3,600 trips awarded. As has been the case in most online finals, plenty of bwin team veterans -- s0923064, NeilMc, and hirnrotz -- would rejoin the Team once again, with lots of newcomers welcomed to the party as well.

Below are the players who won a GSOP Live Greece package in last Sunday's online finals:

Pepper Army


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