18:49 Europe/Stockholm May 23, 2012

High RollerAs far as buy-in, it doesn't get any bigger than the $525 High Roller event held each Tuesday at bwin poker, which regularly draws some of the online world's top players as well as plenty of punters hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for a single night.

Forking over $525 for a single event may be risky but with it comes great rewards; satellites also let players grab their High Roller ticket for a fraction of the usual cost.

astakos13 was the latest player to add his name to the High Roller champions list, taking home $14,662 for his win and definitely ending his Tuesday night on a very high note.

Below are the top ten finishers along with their winnings in the last edition of the High Roller:

1. astakos13 - $14,662
2. HussHuss21 - $10,111
3. Slimehead - $7,224
4. wtfisfold - $5,351
5. lovepersikai - $4,116
6. -ProActive- - $3,165
7. upswing-ftw - $2,533
8. The_sloww - $2,026
9. nunofufu - $1,688
10. Bommel 85 - $1,407


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