06:45 Europe/Stockholm August 11, 2011

high rollerThe High Roller keeps getting bigger and bigger, with a whopping 137 players turning out for the last running on Tuesday.

The $525 buy-in may not be cheap but it definitely provides plenty of excitement and a big payday for the winner; Tuesday's High Roller featured a prizepool of nearly $70,000 and $16,449 going to the winner.

There's be plenty of notable names at the final table, including bwin Team member NeilMc as well as binbetak (who's won the High Roller twice) and p0cket00.

NeilMc would ultimately bow out out in fourth ($6,002), with CmonWiertard taking down the victory for his first High Roller title, defeating flickthebe69 ($11,345) in heads-up play.

Below are the top ten finishers from the last edition of the High Roller, along with their winnings:

1. CmonWiertard - $16,449
2. flickthebe69 - $11,345
3. p0cket00 - $8,103
4. NeilMc - $6,002
5. lu982 - $4,617
6. binbetak - $3,551
7. skategirl91 - $2,841
8. TILTKINOM - $2,273
9. _Cloudy15_ - $1,819
10. 3KKroon - $1,516

NeilMc had the best showing of former bwin Team members in the High Roller, taking down $6,002.


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