19:53 Europe/Stockholm June 21, 2012

High RollerThe High Roller might come with a steep price tag of $525 to enter but it's got plenty of potential payoff as well, especially for a Tuesday night tourney with a relatively small field of around 150 players each week.

Satellites can also afford players the chance to take a crack at the High Roller for a fraction of the usual cost, with some players parlaying a $5.50 entry into a chance to experience the High Roller up close and personal.

roadRAGE555 would prove to be speedier than the competition in the last High Roller, taking down first place with NOBMERLIN_x in second and AngryChiken in third.

Below are the top ten finishers along with their winnings in the last edition of the High Roller:

1. roadRAGE555 - $15.488
2. NOBMERLIN_x - $10.682
3. AngryChiken - $7.630
4. broooooo - $5.652
5. Choccy_Face - $4.347
6. BBSpecial27 - $3.344
7. oi1n4sew1n - $2.676
8. BIG---ASS - $2.140
9. dizzylover69 - $1.712
10. fara94ro - $1.427


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