11:45 Europe/Stockholm May 3, 2012

High RollerThe High Roller on May 1 would see another nice field of 153 players take their seats, each hoping to start off their poker month of May with a big win worth just over $17,000 to the victor.

That's easier said than done, though, as the High Roller attracts plenty of the top online poker players in the world, with the lure of a monster payday for a Tuesday night tourney attracting tons of poker talent.

The winner of the High Roller is often a familiar name and that'd hold true on Tuesday when Se7eNk7 powered his way to victory and a $17,398 payday; if his name sounds familiar it should be, as back on April 15 he took down the win in the ChampionChip for a $39,214 score!

Below are the top ten finishers along with their winnings in the last edition of the High Roller:

1. Se7eNk7 - $17,398
2. DaLa_84 - $11,999
3. SkipperDawn - $8,570
4. sdot x - $6,348
5. pahteek - $4,883
6. a baekke - $3,756
7. machism0 - $3,005
8. spetsern75 - $2,404
9. OMGTobyLewis - $1,923
10. roadRAGE555 - $1,538


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