18:06 Europe/Stockholm April 29, 2012

Sunday means one thing at the track and that’s racing. Steve McQueen once said "Racing is Life. Anything before or after is just waiting” and from the crowd here in Jerez it would seem they’d sure agree with that King of Cool. The bwin team were back in full force today where they took in all the action direct from the trackside. First up it was the Moto3 event where our old poker playing friend Sandro Cortese ending up taking 3rd after quite a battle out there on the track.

Sandro Cortese was a regular in the bwin poker tent

The Moto2 race was up next where our own bwinners Featzl81 and Akahotaru got a treat of their lives when they got to take a walk right out on the starting grid amongst all the chaos of engines revving and tires screeching.

bwinners Featzl81 and Akahotaru best of friends on the track!

Then it was time for a quick lunch before heading to the main event the MotoGP race where the bwinners got exclusive access to the ‘Premium Paddock’ experience meaning we got to view the track from one of the best angles out there.

The Crowd Goes Wild!

If you’ve never been to a MotoGP event and think you know what loud is, YOU’RE WRONG! This was loud, dam loud, louder than war in fact; it was like being on a set for a new Michael Bay film, big, loud, intense, and exciting! It would seem on the MotoGP circuit there's never a dull moment; but there's also never a quiet moment. And this blogger sure likes it like that!

Featzl81s new ride

If you didn't make it to Jerez don't worry as there’s two more stops on the MotoGP circuit for some lucky bwinners, and we hope you to see you at one of them real soon! And from all of us in Jerez thanks for tunning in and we'll see you all again real soon!


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