00:24 Europe/Stockholm May 4, 2011

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The situation: You're at a nine-handed table in the big blind with A♥ Q♥ and 2,200 chips, with blinds of 50/100. The first player to act bets 300 (leaving him 3,200 chips behind), and it folds to the button (5,200 chips), who raises to 800, and the action then folds to you in the big blind. What do you do?

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Voting results from Facebook:

Shove all-in: 65 votes
Fold: 52 votes
Call: 28 votes

The winning answer:

Pedro Haidinger: the call is definitely the worst desicion, as:
• the button reraises the utg, which basically shows strength (even though it's a low-buy-in-TN with a little amount of good players, so both of them might not mind position)
• 800 chips are more than 36 % of my stack and as the utg could push all in, the call would mean i`m commited. Therefore I could also reraise all in to maximize pressure
• And even though the sb and bb would fold in the majority of cases, they could also wake up with AA, KK or AK
So the decision whether I go all in or fold depends on the information I have about my opponents.
In a tournament with a buy in of 3 $ the all-in could make profit, but even those players should recognize that 800 chips in that early stage is a huge amount and I’d be shocked if one of them doesn’t have 77+, AJs+
So, without more information, my answer is: 25% all in – 75 % FOLD


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