11:40 Europe/Stockholm September 23, 2010

So you're playing a home game right?

And of course you've got the usual problem. Who's watching the clock? How long should those blind levels be? And of course don't forget to restart that dusty old alarm clock you're using after each level!

Just forget about it. Take it easy and start using the bwin Poker Clock for the iPhone (and iPod Touch).

Simplicity is its major feature with four preset blind structures (Mad Tilt, Turbo, Normal and Deep). And should you prefer some fancy homemade structures that will amaze all your guests that's possible too just feed the bwin Poker Clock with all the data and off you go!

You can find the bwin Poker Clock on iTunes … for free!

bwin Poker Clock
The bwin Poker Clock on an iPod Touch

By the way we also have a bwin Poker Clock for your mobile phone.

Check out the promo page.


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