10:11 Europe/Stockholm December 21, 2011

We officially have a winner in our Poker Showdown II competition, with PSD-Two pulling away at the end to claim the title and -- more importantly -- nearly $350 in cash that will be transferred to his bwin real money account!

All the Poker Showdown contestants were given $100 in free cash and two weeks to make the most of it, with the player with the most cash at the end getting ALL the cash in the accounts.

With little incentive to play it safe, most contestants went for broke, with several -- including our last champion PSD-Seven -- flaming out in the first few days.

PSD-Two built a nice lead with about a week to go in the competition and never faltered, with his last real competition going busto in the last few days of the race and enabling him to coast to the finish.

Congrats to PSD-Two and all the contestants for Poker Showdown II; stay tuned as we'll be back in 2012 with another edition of Poker Showdown which might just be your chance to shine on the poker stage for the world to see!

Below are the final standings for Poker Showdown II:

Poker Showdown II Standings

Total going to the overall winner:$348.26

Standings last updated: 12/21/2011 at 12:05 AM CET


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