16:21 Europe/Stockholm February 21, 2010

Another exciting edition of the Decathlon SNG promotion has wrapped up at bwin poker, and now it's time to hand out the $50,000 in medals (err, tournament tickets) to the winners.

It came down to a very close race for the top spot, with BRsilvioBR and luktrux battling it out for the $8,000 Irish Open trip package that would go to the winner. In the end it was BRsilvioBR who won by a nose, finishing just a scant 2 points ahead of luktrux who had to settle for 2nd. The top 150 finishers would alll receive a tournament ticket of some sort, but below are the top five finishers and the SNG tickets they collected for their great showings in the Winter SNG Decathlon competition:

1. BRsilvioBR - $8,000 trip package to the Irish Open
2. luktrux - two $525 tickets, one $320 ticket, one $215 ticket, five $108 tickets, and five $54 tickets
3. bukachkas1 - one $525 ticket, one $320 ticket, one $215 ticket, three $108 tickets, and five $54 tickets
4. brianvay - one $525 ticket, one $320 ticket, two $108 tickets, and five $54 tickets
5. simo000 - one $320 ticket, one $215 ticket, two $108 tickets, and five $54 tickets

The full final leaderboard can be found here, on the right.


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