15:25 Europe/Stockholm March 3, 2010

7 more players are slated to do battle at the bwin poker tables on March 6th at 20:00 CET, as the following players have qualified to compete in the Head Hunter finals which features $9,390 in prizes (including a $8,000 trip package to the Irish Open):


As far as how they got there (and how you can qualify in future events), each running of the new Bounty Hunter tournament on bwin not only sends winners directly to the Irish Open with a $8,000 trip package in hand, but it also offers a nice consolation prize to players who claim the most bounties for knocking out other players.

Excluding the winner of the Bounty Hunter (who gets a $8,000 trip package for the win), the qualifiers in the Head Hunter finals are those players with the most knockouts in the Bounty Hunter. bondjamebond was the winner of the most recent running of the Bounty Hunter, claiming his $8,000 trip package. The qualifiers for the Head Hunter finals, then, are the 7 players in the Bounty Hunter who had the most knockouts (excluding the winner). Below are the knockout totals for the qualifiers for the March 6th Head Hunter finals:

Diethelm007 - 16 KOs
gio8325 - 11 KOs
loupoulou80 - 11 KOs
JonnyRocker_ - 9 KOs
kouaki - 8 KOs
Mr13Mike - 8 KOs


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