08:12 Europe/Stockholm December 1, 2011

wptOnline qualifying is now underway at bwin poker for WPT Ireland in January, which will be the first time the World Poker Tour has headed for Irish soil.

bwin players have two chances each week on Sunday and Wednesday to lay claim to guaranteed $6,000 WPT Ireland trip packages, which include the world-famous bwin hospitality and a chance to strike gold at a WPT event.

Wednesday night would see 17 players take their shot at a WPT Ireland package, with it coming down to a heads-up tussle between chrisse2409 and _IrobU_ (who just got back from representing the Team at WPT Amneville).

This time the nod -- and more importantly the $6,000 trip package -- would go to the newcomer, with chrisse2409 taking down the WPT Ireland trip and the chance to play with the bwin Team at a major live poker event.


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