16:39 Europe/Stockholm April 11, 2012

wptIt's a busy time at bwin poker for live event qualifiers, with players taking cracks each week at WPT Cannes packages for the upcoming World Poker Tour as well as trying to win seats to WPT Marbella and the WSOP now as well.

The $4,000 WPT Cannes trips, which include buy-in for the main event as well as airfare, hotel, and travel expenses, give winners the chance to either experience a trip with bwin and World Poker Tour action for the first time, or, in the case of veterans, a chance to rejoin the Team for another shot at poker glory.

otyi1 and icenigel managed to scratch and claw their way to the winner's circle on Tuesday night, securing a spot in Cannes for what should be another amazing stop on the World Poker Tour.


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