18:25 Europe/Stockholm October 9, 2012

wptSunday is always a busy poker day at bwin and that's especially true of late, with the GSOP 9 action in full swing as well as online qualifying for WPT Copenhagen.

$7,000 WPT Copenhagen packages are dangled in front of bwin players each and every week, with several winners each week putting their poker skills to maximum effect as they claim a poker vacation that covers buy-in, travel expenses, and hotel accommodations as they try to be the next winner on the World Poker Tour.

Sunday's action would see two trips going to the top finishers, with bwin Team veteran cubraka snagging one while koricani broke through for the very first time to secure the other.

Congratulations to the following players who each won a $7,000 WPT Copenhagen trip in the latest online finals:



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