03:20 Europe/Stockholm July 11, 2010

Some more casualties to report from Day 2b play at the Rio, but also some growing stacks to balance out the bad news.

We confirmed that Dick.Solomon was eliminated earlier, getting it all-in on a K 3 10 flop with AK, only to run into an opponent who'd flopped a set with pocket tens. MSalin2 has also fallen in the last level, getting very short stacked before waking up with pocket kings but unable to survive when his opponent hit a flush on the river. pel1984 has also left us in the last level, running pocket kings into pocket aces.

bal23 suffered the cruelest beat of the Team right before the last break, getting his last 13,000 chips into the middle pre-flop with pocket aces against a lone opponent with pocket queens. The 8 9 10 flop gave his opponent a few more outs and, on cue, the J fell on the turn to crack bal23's aces and send him to the rails.

On the happier side, Amatos, rodirider, and kozz80 are all jockeying for the title of leader of the bwin pack, with each sitting on close to 150,000 chips.

Blinds will be 400/800 with a 100 ante when players return.

kozz80 was the big gainer during the last level


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