23:55 Europe/Stockholm July 8, 2010

Getting the bad news out of the way first, we've just lost two more bwin Team members, with Janokah and hello-happy (winner of the WPT Venice event) hitting the exit here at the WSOP Main Event.

Janokah was done in with pocket kings, with an opponent calling his raise with J9 and flopping a straight, at which point all of the money went in. hello.happy followed shortly after when he ran into the standard cooler of set over set, getting his money in with pocket fives on a 10 7 5 flop, only to have his opponent snap-call with pocket tens.

On the brighter side of things, AKPlus1 just doubled to push his stack up to about 75,000. He held pocket jacks and got it all in on a Q J x flop versus an opponent with Q J, with his set holding up to build his stack. pel1984 and amatos have also had a nice start to the level to both chip up to over 50,000.

Sitting next to Freddy Deeb hasnt slowed down AKplus1 at all


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