01:58 Europe/Stockholm July 11, 2010

Just a few posts ago, we were informed that sagaraga had hit the rails and that his WSOP 2010 Main Event experience had come to a shorter end than he had hoped. After speaking to the bwin player, we discovered his demise.

With the blinds sitting at 200/400, UTG wastes no time in firing out 1,200. Pulling in another player, it's around to sagaraga who makes the call. When the board drops out Q♥ 8♥ 5♠ UTG checks it out, but firing right behind in mid-position comes a bet of 3,200. sagaraga decides it's time, and moves his remaining 20,000 stack all-in and UTG also wants a bit of this and pushes his 24,000 to the middle. Mid-position senses danger and decides to get himself out of the firing line. It's now time for the cards to get some air.

All-in flop action with sagaraga

After running his top pair into a set of Snowmen, the Spaniard had a huge mountain to climb if he wanted to continue his WSOP 2010 experience. But as we already know, it just never happened. The turn and river bricked out and the bwin Team takes another casualty.

The blinds are now up to 300/600 with antes of 75 being asked. It's getting tougher and tougher out there and in only 5 hours of play, about 700 players have been eliminated so far. Expect that number to continue to nose dive over the next 5 hours of play and follow all the action here on the bwin Pokerblog!


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