05:31 Europe/Stockholm July 13, 2010

It may be Day 3 here at the Main Event in Las Vegas, but yesterday saw the showcase tournament that every spectator had been waiting for this World Series. The WSOP 2010 Media Tournament!

With a turn out of 130 players, bwin Pokerblog supremo, Seth Shafer, had the entire hopes of the bwin Team resting delicately on his shoulders. It's a massive responsibility that could break a lesser man, but our experienced Texan can handle epic portions of pressure like a Wall Street broker.

Normally just before the prestigious Media Tournament begins, the stress levels experienced can push a normal human being to breaking point, but Seth takes it in his stride and maintains his "cool as a cumcumber" aura.

After edging himself to the Final Table over a period of 5 hours of play, a random donk luckboxed himself into a hand with Cowboys. Holding just A♠ Q♣, the Kings held out and the bwin writer lost a chunk of change. Crippled by bad luck, it didn't take too much longer for the remaining chips to head into the middle. Justice was on vacation as his powerful J♥ 9♠ couldn't spike the board, and the Texan hit the rail in 10th position.

Jack Links Sasquatch Bobble Head
10th Position earned Seth the prestigious "Jack Links Sasquatch Bobble Head"

It wasn't a total waste of the card genius' time as he picked up the prestigious "Jack Links Sasquatch Bobble Head" for his efforts. Seth wasn't entirely satisfied with his result (and rightly so), but it's still a fantastic achievement to run so deep in this event and here on the bwin Pokerblog, we're in awe of the Texan and have nothing less than total admiration for the talented young American.


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