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Level 27 News: Jordi Martinez - 1,900,000 chips (63 players remain)

We've got less than 70 players left here at the WSOP Main Event. Remember now we started with an amazing 6,598 runners. What's even better is that the fact that bwin Team Pro Jordi Martinez who is playing in his third WSOP Main Event is currently enjoying his first ever WSOP cash in the most prestigious tournament in the world.


So whats going through his head?

I'm so nervous, we are really close to something really big. I try to be focused at the table, but what can I do with my stack? Who can I put pressure on? If I don't concentrate about the table I will start to think about the money…

So you're not thinking about that $8.5 million?

I have to focus on what is in front of me and make the optimum decisions…I'm not just thinking about the money.

Jordi has $128,384 in the bank already. The biggest pay day he has ever received. The next pay jump increases that amount by $30,000 so is he aware of the incremental pay leaps?

I am mindful with that because it is important not just for me, but also to understand when I can attack somebody.

So what would he do if got that $8.5 million in his bank account?

If I did win $8.5 million I'd spend the money travelling the world with my girlfriend and buying a home.

Who has Martinez been in constant touch with back home during his amazing run?

My father, brothers and my girlfriend, but they have to stay awake all not because of the time difference so they are more tired than me!

What is one piece of advice you would give?

Play your own style. Understand that you can be very patient here.

Level 26 News

Jordi Martinez Loses a Big Flip
Jordi Alonso has been reduced to 1,720,000 as we have a short interval in play. Amit Zulkowitz is the player who has most of Alonso's chips after the pair flipped for 2,500,000. Zulkowitz held 9♠ 9♦ and Alonso held A♥ J♥ . The board ran out 6h 6♣ 6♠ 9♣ 8♦ , Zulkowitz moved up to 2,300,000 as did Alonso (Alonso was later grounded down to 1,720,000).

Level 25 News

Jordi Martinez Up To 3,550,000 Chips


Manos Foudoulakis Out!


Our Greek qualifier Manos Foudoulakis is out of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. He started in 21st place, but he left crushed, and is currently being consoled by his girlfriend. The end came for Foudoulakis like this:

A.J. Jejelowo raised to 90k in early position and Foudoulakis made the call as well as Jamie Robbins in the small blind. It was a three way flop of 9♣ 7♠ 4♠ with the action checked to Foudoulakis who bet 125k. Robbins folds, Jejelowo check-raises to 375k and Foudoulakis called. Turn shows a Q♦ and Jejelowo goes all-in for just under 2 million with Foudoulakis calling. It was K♣ Q♣ for the Grecian and T♣ 8♣ for Jejelowo. Foudoulakis looked good to double up until J♦ showed its face on the river giving Jejelowo a helping hand with a straight taking Foudoulakis down to 230k.

Just after this we saw Foudoulakis going all-in holding A♣ J♠ and Eric Legoff called holding A♠ 8♠. However K♠ T♠ 4♠ flop handed Legoff the nuts and Foudoulakis was out two cards later J♣ & 9♠


We have two players in that field of 97 : bwin team pro - and their Spanish Champion - Jordi Martinez and the bwin qualifier from Greece, Manos Foudoulakis.

Manos Foudoulakis starts the day in the final seat of the feature table and he shares it with one of the best players left in the competition: Vanessa Selbst. Selbst and Foudoulakis are like chalk and cheese with Selbst winning two WSOP bracelets, a Partouche title and back to back North American Poker Tour (NAPT) titles whilst accruing over $5 million in live tournament earnings. Foudoulakis is a pharmacist and basketball coach who is currently experiencing his one and only cash of his lifetime.

The Foudoulakis Table

1 | Robert Corcione | 3,750,000
2 | David Balkin | 1,295,000
3 | Lasell King | 1,740,000
4 | Vanessa Selbst | 1,165,000
5 | Alfred Firova | 995,000
6 | Max Ovseyevitz | 755,000
7 | Scott Anderson | 1,485,000
8 | Jesse Sylvia | 2,990,000
9 | Manos Foudoulakis | 3,020,000

Here is the table draw that Martinez starts on.


Jordi Martinez Table
1 | Alben Juen | 2,376,000
2 | Gwennael Grandmougin | 1,055,000
3 | Jordi Martinez | 2,700,000
4 | Fabio Sousa | 805,000
5 | Amit Zulkowitz | 1,520,000
6 | Mazin Khoury | 1,885,000
7 | Dung Nguyen | 1,880,000
8 | Jonathan Schoder | 470,000
9 | Percy Mahatan | 2,400,000


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